Sunday, 12 October 2014

far ahead

Fashion lovers!!!!!!!

After looking at these pictures all I can tell is: I WANT MY TAN BACK! :)
Highlight of the post is definitely the shoes, what i like about it is that being a short girl and knowing that living in high heels isn't a great idea, this shoes are just what I need on a daily basis! it is stylish and gives you that little extra height. loving it!!!!

What im not loving as much is my hair colour!! can someone please take me out of my misery?!!!! It's like going ginger and not knowing about it, I need hairstylish SOS!


Jeans- New look
jacket- Lefties/zara  ( Portugal )
Tshirt- Primark
Shoes- Guimaraes ( Portugal )
Shades- Ebay 

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