Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dreamy Violets

Hey lovies!!!

These pictures are shot at my cousins wedding in Portugal! honestly was so hot I cant believe i managed to put a smile on for them! 35 degrees full on. Nevertheless, we both agreed it was the most amazing simple wedding we had been too.

The dress was super special as its one in a million! I found in a gorgeous little vintage shop in Romania!

The roses are so vintage but the transparent lace at the top just gave it that extra modern twist!

The hair was honestly last minute planned, I was busy doing everyone else's make up and hair that when it came to mine, i literally put it up in a bun, added some pins and VOILĂ€! the whole process together with make up took me 4 to 5 minutes. I was amazed myself :D

Looking back, if I had to change one thing (or two... ) definitely do a pre-tan session and a make up test ! but oh well... it doesn't matter, what it really matters is that we had a great time and my cousin was the happiest man in the world!

Shoes - New Look
Dress- Romania boutique 
Bag- Claires Portugal

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