Friday, 29 April 2016

Shades of Blue


I'm so glad I actually took these shots, I must admit it wasn't intentionally for the blog I can see that  it works so well! 

Back in February my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our birthdays on the beach. We picked  Cape Verde or as some people know it as Cabo Verde). For those who dont know, Cape Verde  is an African country colonised by the Portuguese in 1462 (which for me it was a bonus as I could speak Portuguese with pretty much anyone there :D)

The people are super friendly, the food is to die for and the weather was generally cloudy but with only a few days of sun. I am all about the heat and tanning so I wont rush to go back there for these purposes :) 

Talking fashion, this dress I had seen someone with on Instagram and I could not wait to put my hands on it!And guess where I found it? Ebay!!!!! Gotta love Ebay :)

The glasses are from a super cool brand called Hawkers - . They have a super cool box when you purchase them. 

Dress- Ebay
Bikini- Ebay
Gold washable tattoos- New Look 

xoxo Sasha-Lee

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