Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Stroll in the park-part 1

Hey Bunny's, 

I'm super content to be back! I truly missed posting and keeping up with one of my favourite hobby's. 

So the good news is, that I finally graduated and passed my driving license. These are also some of the reasons why I haven't been around. but Hey... I'm back for good :)

Now, talking fashion... the outfit above it was not planned. i just tried to put together a casual but at the same time a quirky look for one of those: off Days, sunny days, walk in the park looks,  whatever you prefer to call it :)

The white jeans are one of my favourite pieces of clothing after black of course! it is so easy to match it up with pretty much anything and hats are a MUST HAVE, put on a hat and there you have it: OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

Jeans- Zara 
Shirt - Sacoor Brothers 
Hat - (camden town market)
Trainers -New Look
Bag - New Look
Jacket - vintage 

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